Change your mental furniture for the better


  1. Identify your current "mental furniture."
    Take an inventory of your current thoughts and beliefs. Consider which ones are negative and may have been handed down or influenced by others. Visualize your mind as an apartment filled with this 'furniture'. Which pieces are worn out and need replacing? Write them down.
  2. Introduce new, positive mental furniture.
    Imagine bringing new, positive thoughts and beliefs into your mental apartment. This involves not only removing negative thoughts but also filling the space with positive ones. Consider what kind of positive 'furniture' you want in your mental space. What are the characteristics of these new thoughts? Write them down.
  3. Visualize the positive changes.
    Once you've determined the kind of furniture you want for your mental space, visualize the changes. imagine your mental apartment becoming more vibrant and filled with positive energy. This visualization can help solidify your commitment to maintaining a positive mindset. What does it feel like to have positive mental furniture?


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