Decide based on awareness


  1. Make decisions based on awareness.
    Begin by recognizing the power of being fully aware of your current circumstances. This awareness acts as a foundation for all decisions you make. When facing a decision, take a moment to really assess the situation. Ask yourself: What is holding me back? Is it fear of the unknown, or am I missing some information that could help me choose? Reflecting on these questions helps clarify your thoughts and guides you towards making decisions that align with your goals and values.
  2. Make bold choices. When you're at a crossroads, resist the temptation to keep all options open. Choosing one path with determination can lead to growth and opportunities, even if it's not immediately apparent. To make this process easier, list the pros and cons of each option. Imagine the best and worst-case scenarios for each choice. This exercise will help you find the decision that feels right.
  3. Be calm amidst challenges.
    Start by observing your reactions in stressful situations. Do you immediately react, or do you take a moment to process what's happening? If you're someone who easily panics, you may practice a few mindfulness techniques to calm you down, such as deep breathing or a quick walk. When you're calm, you can address the issue more constructively.
  4. Celebrate your achievements. Comparing yourself to others can make you overlook your own achievements. Remember that everyone's journey is different. So instead of comparing, it's better to focus on your own progress. Start by listing down all your accomplishments for the day, and give yourself credit for your hard work and resilience. You deserve it!


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