Handle information overload


  1. Improve Your Reading Skills
    Hire a tutor if necessary. If not, then take or get a good home-study speed reading course.

  2. Make sure you get the information you really want and need
    You may have a staff person read and clip for you.

  3. Set aside material that is not time-sensitive to review at your leisure
    Catalogs, interesting-looking junk mail, and popular magazines. Be VERY selective

  4. Consider condensation
    You can subscribe to summary services.

  5. Use Your DVR, TiVo, on-demand services, etc.
    No one is really bound anymore by the TV schedule.

  6. Use Your “drive time” or travel time as learning time.
    Most sales, marketing, and business experts offer their training on CD. New business books are also released as audiobooks.

  7. Resist the Siren Song of Distraction
    Don’t let “noninformation” consume a lot of your time.


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