Hack your success mechanism


  1. Define your goal or target
    Create and write down a goal you want to achieve. Visualize this goal as already being in existence and all you have to do is move toward it.

  2. Focus on the result rather than the means of achieving it
    Your success mechanism is automatically oriented toward goal achievement. Therefore, stay optimistic even if the means of achieving your goal isn’t clear. As long as you have a clear goal, your success mechanism will get you there.

  3. Accept temporary failures and be prepared to course-correct
    You will experience failure and make mistakes as you pursue your goal. Instead of worrying or quitting, see your mistakes as negative feedback designed to help you improve your skills and learn new ones. Simply adjust your course and keep pursuing your target.

  4. Trust your creative mechanism and let it do its work
    Instead of forcing things to work or getting overly anxious, allow your creative mechanism to operate without interference. Exerting too much conscious effort to find a solution will only stunt your creative mechanism. Once you’ve set a goal, relax, focus on the next step, and act as if the goal has already been achieved.


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