Grow your mindset through relationships

You can build a successful relationship.


  1. Remind yourself of the worst rejection in your life.
    Think how you felt: judged, bitter, and vengeful; or hurt, but hopeful, able to forgive and move on? Try to see this situation from the growth mindset view. Did you learn something that was useful in later relationships? Can you let go of the bitterness and forgive? Have you learned something new about yourself?

  2. If you need to assign blame, create an imaginary person that you can blame in your mind.
    Of course, it is much better to work toward curing yourself of the need to blame, but meanwhile, if you need to put the blame of who started a discussion or who lost a key, think that it was the imaginary person and forget about the issue.

  3. If you are shy, remind yourself that social skills are something that you can learn.
    Remember that it is something that can be improved by practice. Do not think about the judgment. Try to enjoy the situation. If you are not yet good, next time you will be better.

  4. Work on your relationships to make them good.
    Do not expect that true love doesn’t need effort. Only thanks to communication, learning our needs, working on differences, can we build successful relationships.


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