Grow your mindset through leadership

You will create the growth mindset environment in your company where employees are not afraid of taking risks, meeting challenges, or expressing new ideas. They will be more motivated to work harder.


  1. If you are a boss, reflect on what kind of boss you are: growth or a fixed mindset?
    Respond yourself to these questions:

    1. How do I act towards others in the workplace?
    2. Am I focused on my power more than on the employees’ well-being?
    3. Do I ever reaffirm my status by demeaning others?
    4. Did I ever try to hold back a high-performing employee because he threatened me?
  2. Consider ways to help your employees develop on the job
    It can be apprenticeships, workshops, coaching sessions.

  3. Look at your company from the growth mindset view
    Think about how you create open communication and teamwork in the workplace.

  4. Make it possible to foster alternative views and give constructive feedback
    Make discussion panels with your subordinates. You also can put an anonymous suggestion box on a wall. Appreciate all your employees efforts and ideas.

  5. Be less defensive about your mistakes - take feedback constructively
    Look at it as an opportunity for growth.


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