Grow your mindset by adopting a fresh perspective

You will feel the pleasure of the challenges, trying new things, overcoming difficulties.


  1. Think of a time you were enjoying something but gave up when it got hard.
    Was it dance classes, a crossword puzzle or a sport? Remind yourself of the excuse you used to give it up. The next time you feel yourself making similar excuses, put yourself in the growth mindset instead. Imagine your brain forming new connections. Take it as a challenge and enjoy the process of learning.

  2. Put your failures in a growth-mindset perspective.
    Think of the situations when you were rejected, treated dishonestly, or received an unfair test score. Focus on these situations and feel the emotions connected to them. Then put those actions in the growth-mindset view. Look honestly on that situation and through the eyes of the other person. Ask yourself “What did I (or can I) learn from that experience? How can I use it as a basis for growth?”

  3. Think about effort as a constructive and positive force.
    Next time when you are in a difficult situation, put yourself in a growth mindset - think what you can learn from it, and how you will feel when you meet the challenge, after confronting the obstacles. Feel pleasure in the challenge.

  4. Do something that you always wanted to do but you were afraid that you would not be good at.
    Make a plan to do it.

  5. Focus on effort, not talent.
    Talents can only help you go so far - hard work and determination is what you need to overcome obstacles.


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