Grieve your traumatic childhood experiences


  1. Show compassion for your inner child.
    Take a photo of yourself as a child and place it somewhere you can see it every day, for example, as wallpaper on your phone. Whenever you look at the picture, project compassion toward it and all your childhood experiences. Let go of all the judgments you hold against yourself and only beam pure love to your inner child.
  2. Write about your trauma and the childhood you wished you had.
    In your journal, describe the events that happened to you as a child. Also, write down how you wish life would have been as a child. Share this with a close friend or counselor.
  3. Destroy the paper to symbolically release the trauma.
    Rip out the pages of your journal that describe your trauma and set them on fire, either in a sink or outside in the garden. You could also tear the pages into tiny pieces to release the energy of past trauma.


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