Go to places that energize you socially and with people who keep you energized.

Work with your socializing zones, as they’re the first markers for a great impression and

help you better achieve success in social events by being comfortable. For example, Van Edwards tried making it through networking events but found she wasn’t getting any contacts. She found that one-on-one interactions were her strong areas, instead of big crowds that exhausted her and made her anxious. Now she plays her strengths to her advantage, and you should too.


  1. Give social places a test run.
    Try going to different places and seeing which ones make you brim with energy and ease, and which ones make you feel anxious or drain your energy.

  2. Consider some social places to network:
    Networking events, pool parties, restaurants, phone calls, video chats, concerts, dinner parties, etc.

  3. Assess and make your social game plan.
    Once you find the places that energize you, say no to events that drain you and yes to events that fit your needs.


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