Go on a low-information diet. Stop reading the news; you don’t need it.

Going on a low-information diet will:

  • Boost your happiness.
  • Reduce anxiety.
  • Save tons of time.

Spending time reading news that changes your emotional state to negative does not serve you. There is really nothing very urgent and important in the news. If there is something that you really have to know, you will get to know it anyway from friends and family.


  1. Stop reading the news.
    Turn off the TV news. Don’t read newspapers or magazines. Don’t listen to talk radio.

  2. If you feel the need to know the news, ask a colleague or restaurant waiter a question like this:
    “Anything important happening in the world today?”

  3. Block internet websites that you visit when you feel bored.
    You can download a plugin for your internet browser to block websites that do not serve you. A recommended plugin is LeechBlock.

  4. Reduce reading and watching informative things that you might need “someday.”
    Educate yourself only with things that you need now. Ask yourself: “Will I definitely use this information for something immediate and important?”


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