Give yourself space to explore your options.

When you give yourself some space, you will be able to think and focus a lot more clearly. Having a designated room to explore and ponder life will improve your productivity exponentially. Furthermore, when you are experiencing periods of stress, this room will provide a valuable escape for you to relax, play, and refocus.


  1. Designate a room for yourself in which you can freely design, concentrate, and read.
    Make this room comfortable and filled with as little technology as possible - limit distractions!

  2. Block off time for you to spend in this room.
    Spend time in this room however you want - it’s YOUR room.

  3. Keep a journal
    Write a little in your journal every day. Every 90 days or so, take an hour to read your journal entries. Do you see any trends in your life, or any small changes that are accumulating to a larger change?


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