Give yourself or others a productive push to stretch


  1. Get a mentor or trainer
    If you want to start working out or take your physical training to the next level, get an experienced trainer. If you’re running a business, look for a successful business person to mentor you. They will push you in ways you cannot do for yourself.

  2. Become a mentor
    Volunteer to become someone’s mentor. Find someone who has potential in your field and give them wise criticism. Set high standards for them and support them whenever they mess up. Having you by their side will convince them to keep going when they feel like quitting.

  3. Visit a foreign country
    Travel to a country you’ve never been to before or go live among people who have a different culture/language than your own. The cultural shock will help you overcome your fear of the unknown.

  4. Start a new business
    Take a risk by starting a small business you’re passionate about. For example, if you’re already baking at home, start a bakery that makes specialty wedding and birthday cakes. Even if you fail as an entrepreneur, you’ll gain a lot of insight into your strengths and weaknesses.


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