Give an important project the time it takes to finish


  1. Write down one of your most important projects that would take a longer time to finish. 
    For example, writing a novel. 
  2. Write down how much time you’ll dedicate to finish that project – without cramming it. 
    If you’re planning to write a novel, it could take you months or years – and it's totally fine. Give the project the time it takes to finish according to your own pace. 
  3. Surrender to the reality that things just take the time they take. 
    You can’t quiet your anxieties by working faster because you can’t force reality’s pace as much as you feel you need to, and because the faster you go, the faster you’ll feel you need to go. 
  4. Start working on the project at your normal pace. 
    You’ll feel more relieved as you stop rushing things and instead start accepting your limitations. 
  5. Be patient in the process. 
    Patience will be your most important skill once you start to escape velocity and accept your limitations. Cultivate it by just enjoying the process and giving your projects the time it would take to finish. 


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