Get your mind off what you cannot do, and on to what you can do.

When we focus on the things we cannot do, we tend to think poorly of ourselves and end up unable to communicate how we would be a valuable resource to prospective employers. Instead, focus on the things you can do and the skills that you have. Then, you will be able to demonstrate how you would be an asset to prospective employers.


  1. Get a piece of paper and divide it into two columns labeled “I have this skill” and “I don’t have this skill”.

  2. Get a list of transferable skills from somewhere.
    You can get a free mega list of 2,013 transferable skills from.

  3. Copy the skills from the list into the appropriate column on your piece of paper.
    Be honest - if you have the skill, put it in the “I have this skill” column. If you don’t have the skill, put it in the “I don’t have this skill” column. Categorize as many skills as you want - it’s not necessary that you go through the entire list.

  4. Pick out five skills that you have and write down how you practiced them.
    Pick any example where you demonstrated each skill and write it down. It’s best to use examples from your recent past.


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