Get unstuck by setting small, doable goals and achieving them.

Rick Rubin has been called “the most important music producer of the last 20 years” by MTV and his artists include everyone from Johnny Cash to Jay Z. Rick uses this practice to help his artists get unstuck as it is so empowering! By achieving the smallest of tasks, they start moving and then easily gain momentum. Getting people to simply listen to their heart and start without judgement sets the magic in motion. Rick tells everyone they must stop waiting for inspiration, for knowing what to do. Instead, trust and get started, and that takes care of the rest.


  1. Identify where you are ‘stuck’ in your life.
    For example, you may be stuck creatively, have writer’s block, etc. Most jobs are 10% technical, 90% creative.

  2. Commit to doing some homework every day.
    Set yourself a task. Tonight, write one word for that song or write one sentence of that report.

  3. Listen to your heart and start there without judgment.
    The heart presents things, start there. Afterward, the head can look at it and organize it.

  4. Trust that when you start, something will happen.
    You can’t wait until you have that great idea. When you start, the idea will come.


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