Get to know your innate behavior prediction skills


  1. Pay attention to when you predict others’ behavior or responses.
    You can also do this at the end of the day, by reflecting and listing your predictions. How often were you successful? How often were you taken aback or caught off-guard by someone?

  2. Go out and people-watch.
    Pick three people and give them a backstory based on your observations. “That guy, mid-20s, sitting by the fountain, dressed nicely, checking his watch and his phone…is waiting for a date that’s late or not going to show.”

  3. Make a list of your ‘safety signals’—behaviors that strangers do that reassure you or make you feel safe.
    For example, respecting your personal space, smiling, appropriate eye contact, open and friendly demeanor or body language…

  4. Write down their opposites to identify your ‘danger signals’.
    For example, standing too close to you, asking too many questions, fidgeting or shuffling, suspicious and closed body language, staring at you for too long, refusing to make eye contact…


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