Get things moving in the bowel department


  1. Increase the amount of dietary fiber.
    The fiber from your diet, whether from plants or fruits, is the best for your gut. You can also consume psyllium seed husk, which contains fiber and agents that draw extra fluids into the gut, thereby helping your bowel movements.

  2. Drink more water.
    Drinking more water can make a bathroom trip more enjoyable. If your body gets too little fluid, the gut reacts by extracting more water from the food passing through it, making your feces harder.

  3. If you need to go to the toilet, just go.
    You will confuse your gut if you often put yourself under pressure and break your bathroom habits. Your nerves and muscles will get the wrong message if you push digested food back into a holding pattern even a couple of times. They will operate in reverse gear, and it will be hard to make them work normally.

  4. Take probiotics and prebiotics.
    Living beneficial bacteria and their favorite food can revitalize a tired gut. You should consult your doctor or a pharmacist about what products you should buy.


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