Get the right people on your team


  1. Create non-negotiable standards for your team members.
    In determining the right people, it is not about the educational attainment or years of work experience; it is about their values, character and work ethics. Set a standard on what you’re looking for in a resource and stand by it during the hiring process. You can also use this to assess your current team.

  2. Move people around.
    If a team member is not working their best, try moving them to another role. If they fail to thrive, you may want to reconsider whether you still want them on your team.

  3. Know when to let go.
    To know when you need to let go of your resource, ask yourself two questions:

    1. If it were a hiring decision, would you hire this person again?
    2. If this person came to tell you that he or she is leaving for another opportunity, are you disappointed or secretly relieved?
  4. Give your big opportunities to your best people.
    Do not give your best people the big problems to solve; give them opportunities to excel and thrive. This will keep them motivated and challenged.

  5. When in doubt, don’t hire.
    Do not compromise the right people. If they do not fit your set standards, keep looking.


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