Get satisfaction from people who aggrieved you.

Receiving apologies from another person for what they’ve done to us can remove all the bad feelings we have. However, in most cases, we will never receive them. This is not a problem, because we can write them by ourselves! Even if we don’t receive an apology directly from the person who harmed us, it does not make a big difference. We can simply write them ourselves.


  1. Think of a person who aggrieved you.

  2. Take a piece of paper, and write down everything that you wish you had told this person before.
    Write it by hand.

  3. Once you have put everything from your mind onto paper, put it aside.

  4. Take a fresh piece of paper, and write their response, just as you wish they would write.
    You don’t have to write any explanations, instead focus on them taking responsibility for their actions, acknowledging the situation, and apologizing for everything they’ve done to you.


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