Get right back on if you get off track with TRE.


  1. Maintain TRE as an ongoing lifestyle choice.
    Like sleep, try not to change mealtimes or the overall eating window on weekends. The occasional snack or meal outside the TRE is fine.

  2. Be willing to modify social habits to maintain your chosen TRE schedule.
    You may need to shift your schedule earlier or later or forego late-night snacks or drinks with friends as you experiment, but once you hit the golden window, stick to it and share with your circle of friends and family.

  3. If you eat or drink late at night, delay breakfast the next day to give yourself enough time to fast.

  4. If you eat your first meal earlier than usual, try to finish eating within your usual time window (e.g., 8 hours).
    Treat the night as a long fast, and the following day, get back to your normal TRE schedule.

  5. When traveling, eat according to the new time zone to help your gut clocks adjust as fast as possible.


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