Get rid of phobia through double dissociation

By thinking in this way about your phobia, you are double dissociated from it.


  1. Put yourself in a state of power and security.
    Imagine yourself in a radiant and protective bubble.

  2. Imagine yourself in the cinema, sitting next to the screen.
    In the protective bubble, float up out of your body and look down at yourself sitting next to the screen.

  3. On the screen, imagine a black-and-white image of the phobia.
    Look at yourself watching that image.

  4. Quickly rewind that black-and-white movie. Watch your phobia go away in a humorous, comedic way.
    Notice your funny reaction. Remember that you are watching yourself watching a screen from above.

  5. Think about your phobia as history and old experience.
    If you don’t feel free of it, try this process again.


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