Gain personal freedom by being frugal.

The two most in-demand resources for starting a business are time and money.

If you can save money and time, your business will be much more likely to succeed.


  1. Visualize what you want to free up time, space, and mindshare for.
    For example, your business or your significant other.

  2. Pay off credit cards.
    This is the most expensive form of debt.

  3. Pay bills online.
    Save time, postage, and late fees.

  4. Be wary of impulse purchases.
    Wait at least ten days before making an expensive purchase.

  5. Enjoy free entertainment.
    Choose YouTube over movie theaters.

  6. Do it yourself.
    Instead of going out to a bar or club, make a meal at home for friends.

  7. Spend time with people who demonstrate being frugal by their behavior and willingness.
    At all costs, avoid people who are impressed by extravagance.


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