Get people excited and emotionally invested in your message with an explanation.

A study done in 1977 found that people who gave a “because” in a line waiting to make printer copies got to skip ahead in 94% of the study and print copies simply due to stating a reason to use the copier, even though obviously everyone wanted to print a copy for a reason! Once again, using “because” and tying it back to the customers’ needs hooks them into emotionally investing in your product, idea, etc.


  1. Use the power of “because.”
    Are you starting a new business or trying to convince someone you’re meant for the job? Give them a reason why, and use the word “because,” as this makes people inclined to say yes to your offer and feel connected to your message. Another tip is to blend your “because” with a mutual benefit. How can the other person get something out of it?


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