Get people excited about what you have to offer


  1. Share free samples with everyone who displays an interest to encourage word-of-mouth marketing
    Give them extra and tell them to share it with their friends. Get more and more people talking about your product or service - this is how you make it popular.

  2. Give an interview to a small audience so you can tell your true story
    Smaller, niche audiences are better as they will allow you to tell your story on your own terms. Plus, they will have a genuine interest in your product. This interview will also build momentum on your product as you slowly work your way to bigger interviews and audiences.

  3. Ask yourself what you are most afraid of doing - then do it
    What you are most afraid of doing will be the most newsworthy thing you can do. Identify what this is, then act on it. Use the media coverage you get to promote your brand.


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