Get into the right mindset to tidy up.

It’s hard to stay motivated to tidy up your entire house, so make sure you establish that motivation before you begin. If you start tidying up your house because you are bored, or because you are procrastinating another task, you are guaranteed to give up halfway and not achieve any lasting results.


  1. Accept that the main culprit behind your untidy house is you.
    Then, resolve to change that by tidying up yourself—it’s the only way you will get your house tidy!

  2. Envision the expected results of your hard work.
    What do you want your house to look like when you’re done tidying up? For example, you might want your house to exude the personality of the strong and chic woman you truly are.

  3. Don’t use “tidying up” as an excuse to procrastinate doing tasks.
    Ensure that the time you spend tidying up is not stolen from other tasks.


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