Get insanely good at key skills.

Greater competence leads to higher productivity. However, mindless repetition of a skill won’t lead to any significant results. Progressive mastery allows you to obtain any general, specific, or personal skills much faster, since it forces you gain clarity about the necessary skill set, and attaches emotions and elements of socialization through networking and teaching.

Determine five major skills you need to develop over the next three years to grow into the person you hope to become.

Always remember that everything is trainable. You can get better at anything if you have a growth mindset, focus on your goals with passion, and consistently practice


  1. Develop those skills with obsessive focus using following method.
    • Determine a skill that you want to master.
    • Set specific stretch goals to develop that skill.
    • Attach a high level of emotion and meaning.
    • Identify factors critical to success, and develop your strength in those areas (and fix your weakness).
    • Develop visualization of what success and failure look like.
    • Schedule challenging practices developed by experts or through careful thought.


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