Get a job that will give you the experience of flow.

Not every job is the same. Some jobs are more challenging, and therefore more satisfying if a worker has sufficient skills to take on the challenge. Having a job that will get you to flow will make you happier and will provide a better experience.


  1. Find a job that will get you to flow.
    It should have the following elements:

    • It’s challenging for you.
      This means that it’s not too easy, but it’s not too hard.
    • It gives you immediate feedback.
    • It has some variety.
    • It has clear goals.
  2. Avoid work conflicts at all costs.
    These conflicts can kill your motivation, and you will not enjoy your work anymore.

  3. Beware of burnout.
    Too much stress, too much pressure, and too little time for oneself lead to burnout.


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