Generate a wide pool of ideas, then pick the best ones to work on


  1. If searching for a great solution, gather a diverse team of creative people
    To solve a problem or come up with an original idea, gather a diverse team and let everyone offer as many ideas as possible. Allow all kinds of ideas no matter how crazy they initially sound.
  2. Evaluate your ideas objectively by gathering public feedback
    Present your ideas to friends, family members and social media followers before fully investing in them. For example, if you have an idea for a movie, create a short pilot and post it on YouTube to get feedback. If you’re a comedian, test your jokes by sharing them on Twitter. 
  3. Seek feedback from peers and colleagues in your field
    For example, if you’ve developed new software, get feedback from fellow software engineers so that they can provide an honest appraisal of your work. Fellow creators are more likely to be open to new ideas than those outside the industry.
  4. Engage in more creative tasks and broaden your exposure to novel experiences
    If you’re an entrepreneur thinking about new business ideas, take some time off to engage in a creative hobby such as painting, writing or playing an instrument. By the time you return to your ideas, it’ll be easier to identify the most creative from the useless ones. You can also travel to foreign places to broaden your mind and gain new ideas.


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