Gain better control of your life by committing to stop overthinking


  1. Tell yourself, “I can change”
    Remind yourself whenever you start overthinking and spiralling. This belief in yourself is what helps you be more receptive to positive changes in life. You can even write it down somewhere you’ll see often, such as your refrigerator, or the back of your bedroom door.

  2. Create a list of positive terms you can use to describe yourself.
    Your thoughts are intimately connected to your health and well-being, so use positive words (intelligent, capable, etc) to describe yourself. Write a list of potential terms down, so you can refer to them whenever you’re struggling with describing yourself positively.

  3. Take one step at a time.
    Whenever things get overwhelming, just focus on the very next step instead of the bigger picture. Everything will fall into place if you take the right steps, one foot at a time.


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