Free yourself from routine activities


  1. Honest self-analysis and self-understanding,
    Create three lists: 
     - Things you do better than anybody else on the planet.
     - Things you do better than most
     - Things you do out of necessity, but don’t do well
  2. Delegation
    Accept that there’s more than one way to be right and that often good enough is good enough. Delegate things that you don’t do well from your list:
     - Define what is to be done.
     - Be certain the delegatee understands what is to be done.
     - Explain why it is to be done as you are prescribing it to be done.
     - Teach how it is to be done without micro-micro-managing.
     - Be sure the delegatee understands the how-to process.
     - Set the deadline for completion or progress report.
     - Be sure you have an agreement on the date or time and method.
  3. Replace yourself
    Don't do the $10.00 task.
  4. Welcome your dispensability.
    Invest your time in marketing to grow.


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