Four elements of an Attractive Character

These four elements are the foundations to create an attractive character for your business.


  1. Backstory.
    This is the past story of the character, which is related to your product. For example, if you sell a weight-loss program, you want to tell a story of someone who was very fat, and now is not. Usually, it’s better if it’s you, however, it can be any person. A good backstory matters.

  2. Attractive characters speak in parables.
    The best way to change someone's mind is to tell a good story. If you want to convince someone to invest in themselves by buying your product, you should tell the story of how you did the same in the past and how it changed your life. Tell how the investment, how the spending of real money, made an impact in your life. This type of selling is very powerful.

  3. Attractive Characters share their character flaws.
    This might be difficult to do, but you have to show the flaws of the character. Even Superman has flaws - family problems and Kryptonite. And because of these flaws, we can empathize with him. People will not relate to a perfect person. They relate with someone who’s not.

  4. Attractive Characters harness the power of polarity.
    You cannot make everyone happy. What’s more, you cannot make everyone like you. And by trying to do this, no one will like you. Power of polarity is about sharing opinions on hard matters and sticking to them, no matter how much people may disagree with you. Some people will hate you, but some people will start to love you, and buy everything from you. If you don’t show who you really are, no one will talk about you.


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