Formulate your vision of productivity


  1. Get a pen and notebook. 
  2. Ask yourself,  “Fast forward to one year from now. If I had total control of my time and an unlimited budget, what would my life look like in terms of productivity?”
    Write down exactly what you picture in your mind, and try to be as detailed as possible. For example, maybe you want to work for only eight hours a day and never on weekends because that’s your rest and family day. 
  3. Ask yourself, “What are the three words that could remind me of my vision of productivity?”
    Write the answer down. Refer to your earlier answer and choose the words that are the most powerful to you. For example, you could write family, rest and freedom, 
  4. Ask yourself, “Why is achieving this vision of productivity important to me?”
    Write the answer down. For example, perhaps you value your family. 
  5. Ask yourself, “What will I lose if I don’t achieve this vision?”
    Write the answer down. For example, you may lose time with your family, due to being stuck at work.


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