Formulate your own creative process with the practical knowledge you have gained


  1. Take the time to find and develop your authentic voice
    If you’re just starting out in your career, focus on mastering all the basics instead of rushing through the learning process just to impress others. Take the time to explore all the different techniques and methods in your field so that you can develop a vast skillset.  Once you’ve mastered the basics, take all the experience you’ve gained and adjust it to fit how you want to work.
  2. Be prepared to defy conventional patterns when creating something new
    Ask yourself, “What is it that others in this industry are not giving their audience?” Then take all the conventional rules you’ve learned and find ways to flip them around. Deliberately break some of the rules to create your unique style. You’ll be able to create your own niche within a cluttered industry.
  3. Rely on your team’s natural strengths as part of your creative process
    You want to generate as many good ideas as possible so ensure that your team includes a diverse group of people with knowledge of different fields. Allow all kinds of wild ideas so that you can tap into everyone’s unique strengths. Once you’ve identified a few good solutions, start implementing them and monitor your results. If the results are unsatisfactory, start the brainstorming process again.  
  4. Focus on the higher purpose of your mission to inspire creative solutions
    Focus on the bigger picture and remember the “Why” behind your mission. Ask yourself, “Why am I doing this in the first place?” Connect to the thoughts and emotions that led you to set the goal in the first place. Use them as a constant reminder to find innovative solutions and stay focused on your goals. 


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