Forgive yourself for your failures.

Forgiving yourself for your failures is a step-by-step process. The first step will help you acknowledge what you are feeling, instead of running away from it. The second step will help you gain a healthy perspective on failure and remove the voices of unhealthy self-criticism (which don’t help you at all!) from your mind.

The third and final step will help you comfort yourself, so you can be up and ready to face another day.


  1. Identify what you feel when you experience failure.
    What emotions do you feel? What physical response is your body having?

  2. Remind yourself that you are only human.
    Failure does not equate to incapability. Everyone falls down sometimes. Think about others whom you respect—can you identify any failures and/or struggles they’ve had?

  3. Think about what you would tell a friend who was facing a similar issue.
    What are the words of support and encouragement you might give them?


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