Follow the seven steps of the 1,000% formula.

  1. When you read books and listen to audiotapes, you expand your knowledge and thus improve your chances of achieving success.

  2. When you write your goals out every day, you remind yourself of them. This will prime your mind to achieve them.

  3. When you plan your days in advance, you ensure you do not take on more than you can chew. This also ensures you complete all your tasks on time.

  4. Concentrating on one thing at a time improves productivity and efficiency.

  5. Self-evaluation is the best way to identify in which areas you need to improve.

  6. When you treat those around you with respect, they will be more inclined to do you favors, introduce you to influential people, buy your product/service, etc.


  1. Wake up at least two hours before your first appointment/work every day.
    Spend at least one hour reading a book that pertains to your field.

  2. Write your goals out every day.
    Even if they are exactly the same, write down your goals every morning before you start the day. Do not refer to previous day’s goals—you must write them from memory.

  3. Plan your days in advance.
    Before you start on your day, make sure you have a prioritized to-do list set up.

  4. Concentrate on one thing at a time.
    Don’t try to multitask—pick one activity and focus on it until it’s done. Then move to the next item.

  5. Listen to educational audio programs in your car.
    Don’t let the time you spend driving around go to waste—play an audio program that teaches you something!

  6. Self evaluate.
    After every event, ask yourself, “What did I do right?” and, “What would I do differently?” Write down the answers to those questions so you don’t forget!

  7. Treat everyone you meet like the most important person in the world.
    Treat everyone you meet with respect.


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