Follow the Five Keys to Wealth and Happiness

You can lead a happy, peaceful, and interesting life by following these rules.


  1. Handle frustration.
    To avoid stress and frustration apply this two-step formula:
    “Step 1: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Step 2: Remember, it’s all small stuff.”

  2. Handle rejection.
    Don’t create limits in your head just because you are afraid to hear “no.” It is only a word. There are no successes without the experience of rejection. You can learn something from every rejection. If it is not constructive, just ignore it.

  3. Handle financial pressure.
    The only way to avoid financial pressure is to not have any money.
    Use this model: 10% of your earnings should be spent helping others, 10% on reducing your debts, and 10% on investing. You need only 70% of what you have. It teaches you what money can do and what it can’t.

  4. Handle complacency.
    Remember that when you get too comfortable, you stop growing, working hard, developing, and creating. If you don’t go up, you go down. Judge yourself against your goals, not by comparing yourself to others.

  5. Always give more than you expect to receive.
    Don’t wait for the return. In the long term, giving is always profitable.


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