Follow a creative process that works


  1. Spend some time in quiet isolation
    Simply spend time alone and in silence - the amount of time you spend doing this is up to you. Focus on processing all the thoughts in your head and figuring out what exactly you want to create.
  2. Ask yourself, “Who do I want this to be for?”
    Who is your target audience? Who are you creating this product for? Narrowing your creative energy down in this manner will help you create the right thing for the right people.
  3. Define what you want your product to mean to others.
    Ask yourself the following questions:
    - What does this teach?
    - What does this solve?
    - How am I entertaining?
    - What am I giving?
    - What are we offering?
    - What are we sharing?
  4. Be bold, brash, and brave with your creative decisions.
    Once you’ve defined your product’s audience and meaning, you have a clear path forwards. Don’t be afraid to push boundaries or make wild decisions during the rest of the creative process - it will help you create something fresh and truly original.
  5. Do the best you can and ignore everything else.
    Don’t think about your competitors or anything else that’s happening around you. Forget about benchmarks and just focus on your creative process.
  6. Be patient.
    It takes time and effort to create something that lasts. You don’t need to rush to the finish line - just trust your gut. If it tells you to wait and tweak a little more, do it.


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