Focus on what’s most important to you


  1. Identify your “main thing.”
    Pause for a moment and think: What am I doing? What are my priorities? What is the most important contribution I can make — to my work, family, and world?
  2. Schedule time blocks for your “main thing.”
    The secret to success in almost all fields is large, uninterrupted blocks of focused time. Organize your life around having these. That way, you won’t be left feeling frazzled and unproductive at the end of each day.
  3. Stay focused.
    During your time blocks, ensure your whole mind is being poured into your work. Eliminate distractions like your phone, and don’t try to multitask. It may also be better for you if you wake up early in the morning to have some time to yourself before the work day begins.
  4. Learn to say no to other things.
    It’s impossible to be committed to anything — professionally or personally — without the discipline to say no to all other superfluous things. So learn to say no. Own it and be polite as much as possible. Remember, it’s your life!


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