Focus on the customers’ needs to increase sales.


  1. Focus on costumer’s needs.
    Create a prioritized list of client wants, requirements, and needs your product can satisfy. Focus your sales and marketing efforts on meeting these needs.
  2. Use feedback from satisfied customers.
    Do market research regularly with your satisfied customers. Find out what your product did for them that made them buy it from you instead of someone else.
  3. Highlight the benefits of your product.
    Identify the most significant benefit your clients are looking for and devise a plan to highlight that value throughout every sales discussion. Additionally, list what your clients would miss or lose if they decide not to purchase your goods.
  4. Dress for success.
    Invest in a book on business attire, read it cover to cover, and then put its advice into practice when you see a client so that you may appear to be a full professional.
  5. Win the client's trust.
    Instead of trying to sell anything, concentrate on assisting and educating them about your product—much like a friend or a teacher would do.


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