Focus on creating the right habits to help you reach your goal in fat loss.

When you create new habits and stick to them, you are on your way towards your goals every day. With habits like flexible dieting, you can make sure that you are working on fat loss even on days when your performance in dieting has been suboptimal.


  1. Aim for your goals by setting up habits that get you there
    When you have a goal, start by doing the right things to help you get there. For example, a dieting goal could be to increase your fruit, vegetable and fibre intake.

  2. Aim for flexible dieting
    With flexible dieting, if you go for unhealthy food on one day, you can go back to eating healthier on the next. Do not let one day of bad eating ruin your whole diet.

  3. Learn to see your diet and exercise on a spectrum from suboptimal to optimal
    Instead of black and white thinking, see the shades of grey between what is optimal for you and what is not. Aim to eat and work out in the optimal way most days but allow yourself also to have fun. After suboptimal days, go back to the optimal.


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