Fire up your prefrontal cortex to defeat procrastination


  1. Identify tasks that you tend to procrastinate on.
    Make a list of tasks that you often put off and think about what makes them difficult or unappealing.
  2. Divide these tasks into smaller parts.
    Break all your tasks down into smaller, more manageable pieces to make them less overwhelming.
  3. Set deadlines for each part.
    Grab your calendar and Set deadlines for each part of your tasks. Make sure to stick to them.
  4. Reward yourself for completing each part.
    Give yourself a reward for completing each part of your tasks to make it more enjoyable and motivating. This reward could be something as simple as taking a break to read a book or treating yourself to a special meal.
  5. Create an alternative task list.
    Make a list of meaningful and high-impact tasks to do the next time you procrastinate, so you can remain productive while your prefrontal cortex warms up.
  6. List the consequences of not finishing your tasks.
    Listing every single consequence of putting something off is one of the best ways to get your prefrontal cortex fired up.


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