Find your purpose.

Your purpose dictates how you relate to other people. Your purpose is what you’re here to share with the world. It’s how to use your passion.

Discovering that purpose can be a process. By doing the writing exercises, you can begin to explore and discover your core values and purpose. Motivation comes from purpose.

Once you become clear on who you are and what you want to be, you can tap into a limitless source of energy to fuel your ability to grow and learn. The three questions can help you answer “why” you do what you do in life.


  1. Ask: What are my current passions?
    List the three that you feel the strongest about.

  2. Ask: Do I know my life’s purpose?
    Even if you don’t have a clear answer, take some time to write down what it might be.

  3. Ask: Who do I think I am?
    Take 60 seconds and use stream of consciousness writing to write as many “I am” statements as you can. (Example: “I am a leader.” “I am an artist.” “I am a great system analyst.” etc.)


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