Find your dream customer

If you want to sell your product or service in such a competitive market as we have now, the first step is to define who your dream customer is, and then to find out where your dream customer is hanging out. Your product will never be good enough for everyone and advertising without specific targeting is never profitable.


Ask the 3 following questions:

  1. Who is your target market?
    This is about demographics. However, defining it as “women over thirty who make 30 thousand dollars a year,” is not enough. This was a good demographic in the past, however, nowadays you must be much more specific. What exact characteristics do your customers have? What excites them? Who do they read? And so on.

  2. Where is your target market congregating?
    Look at their real behavior. Where do they hang out online? What social services do they use? What Facebook groups do they belong to?

  3. How can you get a customer to leave the group and check out your page?
    What offering is special enough that will get a member of a Facebook group to enter your website? It must be very catchy, to get the attention and motivate the reader to take action.


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