Find out what kind of emptiness your target feels and use this knowledge to bring their feelings of discontent to the surface.

When you stir dissatisfaction about the present in your target, it will unsettle them and lower their shields. The seduction works because you can redefine them and bring back their feelings of contentment and happiness.


  1. Identify what kind of feelings of discontent or unhappiness your target may have about themselves or their circumstances.
    They could be feeling as if their life is lacking adventure or that they have strayed away from their ideals.

  2. Pick the wound of their discontent and bring their feelings of unhappiness from semi-consciousness into full awareness.
    Insinuate the target’s discomfort by using sudden, unexpected remarks about what they are lacking. Give them a hint that their life is not as grand as they had imagined.

  3. Be gentle enough to avoid alienating them.
    If you go too far in lowering your target’s self-esteem, they may feel too insecure to surrender to your seduction.


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