Find a supporter to go with you on social journeys.

Bringing someone to accompany you to new social events that might excite you but still scare you can calm nerves and make things much more enjoyable. One warning is not to attach onto your friend/winger, so you’ll be able to meet others. Keep your winger at a close distance for assurance and confidence. Of course, after talking to a couple of people, circle back to your winger to chat, and then head back out into the social arena.


  1. Find your winger.
    Who do you feel relaxed with? Who inspires you to grow? Who’s up for adventures with you? Who can support you and your goals, and vice versa? Ask these questions to narrow down who can tag along to your social events.

  2. Take your winger out for an event.
    After identifying and agreeing with your winger on supporting each other, go to a social event that you’re both excited about.


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