Find a role model and learn from her


  1. Identify a figure you look up to.
    The Stoics used Zeus, Socrates, or the ideal Sage as a role model. You can also choose someone you know personally. For example, if your friend is better at parenting, she can be your model in that area of your life.
  2. Ask yourself: What would [role model] do?
    The Stoics would ask: What would the Sage do? As explained earlier, your Sage can be anyone. You just have to consider your decisions according to your chosen model.
  3. Learn the values of your model.
    If your model knows that the only thing that can be controlled is our response towards life’s events, so do you. If you know what is important to your model, you’ll know what is important to you. You won’t forget the rules you want to live by as you just have to imagine the model you’d like to follow.
  4. Keep in mind that you have a role as well.
    We all have different roles to play: a human being, a citizen of the world, a father or mother, son or daughter, brother or sister, husband or wife, friend or foe, teacher or pupil, neighbor or stranger, young or old. Your duty is to play your role the best you can. Choosing a model with a similar role can help you do this. 
  5. Learn, learn, learn and practice.
    Become an eternal student. Don’t just learn from your models, but from everyone else. If you look closely, you’ll see that anyone can teach you something new. Merely learning isn’t enough, though. You have to apply the knowledge as soon as you can.


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