Find a person who you want and can seduce.

When you choose the right victim, you are more likely to succeed. With the right person, you will also enjoy the lengthy process of seduction.


  1. Choose someone who has something that attracts you.
    Do not look at superficial qualities. Instead, look for something that stirs you in an unexplained way. There should be some tension, and he or she may have something you lack or something you envy. Just as the victim should be vulnerable to you, you should be vulnerable to them.

  2. Avoid closed off or busy people.
    As seduction demands attention, avoid closed off people and people busy with work or anything else. These types of people do not have enough space in their minds for you to take over.

  3. Continue seduction with people who respond to you in the right way.
    Pay attention to uncontrolled responses such as a blush, an involuntary mirroring of your gestures, or a flash of anger or resentment. A person who responds in this way is likely to be open to your influence.


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