Find the right co-founder.

It’s impossible to be good at everything yourself. The right co-founder brings you skills, manpower, and other resources. A co-founder motivates you, challenges you, makes you stronger, and boosts your productivity—and vice versa.


When you look for a co-founder, you must consider the following qualities:

  1. Passion
    This is the most important quality. You only want to work with people who are passionate.

  2. Character—this trait is composed of qualities like honesty, perseverance, courage, etc.
    There are online tests to help you determine your potential co-founder’s character.

  3. Trust—make sure that your co-founder will do what he committed to
    Also, make sure he will act with your and your business’s best interest in mind.

  4. Complementary resources and advantages
    If you completed the previous actions, you made a list of all the resources that you have. You want to have a co-founder that adds more critical resources to your new business.

  5. Fit with your mission
    Ideally, you both should contribute something important to your vision.

Make a list of 20 friends and colleagues whom you know well. Then analyze their qualities starting with passion.


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