Filter good ideas with the “get stuff done” method


  1. Create a culture of listening
    Develop a system through which employees can voice complaints and propose ideas.

  2. Express your ideas clearly and concisely
    Clarifying an idea can make it easy for your employees either to support it or to offer an alternative.

  3. Debate ideas with your team members
    The conversations should be purely about ideas, not about egos.

  4. Pull the facts into the decisions
    Decisions should be based on facts and sound reason, without the interference of people’s egos.

  5. Persuade people that a certain decision is right after a decision has been made
    Employees will be more eager and willing to execute a decision after they’ve understood the logic behind it.

  6. Focus on your responsibilities, so that your team can spend more time on the execution of the decision
    Don’t waste your team’s time with unnecessary meetings.

  7. Learn from the execution
    Accept that you can make mistakes before you get it right, and that is perfectly normal if you learn from them.


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