Figure out someone's values to know how to motivate them.

A huge benefit of knowing people’s values is you can then use those values to motivate them in work, friendships, and relationships. You also will know what gets their attention and what they are looking for, therefore having a better chance to fulfill their needs and wants.


  1. Find out people’s resource values.
    Here are a couple strategies to help you figure out what value they hold dear:
    • What do they usually complain about? Someone who complains about their pay might value money as their primary motivator. Or do they feel frustrated when they didn’t hear the latest gossip or news? (They might value information.)
    • Note their body language: Are they more interested and involved when you mention that they should receive more praise (status value) or get more bonuses (goods or money value)?
    • Pay attention to their worries: What do they constantly worry about? This can signify their values, because if their value isn’t being met, they can become down.


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